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Intro: Mostly grounded basics such as poses, spins, and floorwork; intended for those who are brand new to pole with no previous experience 

Beginner: Basic spins, poses, transitions, basic and bracket climb, floorwork, conditioning and strength building, and learning how to string moves together for small beginner combos (similar to level 1 at many other studios)

Novice: Continue learning more difficult spins, side climb, forearm stands, low aerial fundamental moves such as jasmine and genie, low pole mounts such as brass monkey mount from a shoulder stand, and an introduction to spin pole (this level does not include inverts or shoulder mounts but we work on strength building and technique for learning these in the next level) (similar to level 2 at many other studios)

Intermediate: Learn aerial basics such as basic inverts, shoulder mount, skater mount, leg hangs, butterfly, superman, brass monkey and similar (similar to level 3/4 at many other studios)

Advanced: Learn advanced aerial moves such as aerial inverts, aerial shoulder mounts, ayesha, handsprings, and similar (similar to level 5+ at many other studios)


Note: Clients new to Vertical Fusion who have previous pole experience are not required to start with intro. However, we do request that you create a profile in our online registration system and then contact the studio to let us know that you have previous experience BEFORE signing up for class. We will give you our best recommendation for which classes to take and we will note your profile so your instructor(s) are aware that you were approved to skip intro or other levels.





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